I came across some FailWhale products today and thought of all you lovely testers straight away.

So I thought I'd give 3 testers a choice of one product each from the FailWhale shop.

How to enter?

Reply to this thread telling us why you deserve to win. I will choose my favourite top 6 and will then let Software Testing Club members vote for the top 3 winners via an online poll.

(I hope this works!)

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Yea..I am one of ur Favouriteee

I deserve to win because I am a nature lover and I love whales too.
My attitude mainly support for my Testing Profession.I am always a Key source what ever projects I deals.
I deserverd .... I can.........
Its not always about Winning, it is the effort & dedication put together to achieve anything. When I Win I feel extremely happy, but when I loose, I always think & work on the mistakes I made and try to overcome them next time. I feel satisfied even if I don't win, but I know I have put my best efforts to win.
I deserve to win because……….

When I look at the product (which I need to test) specs;
I come out with the test cases in a few secs (seconds)

When I look at the QA build;
I will get all the bugs it killed.

When I look at my product released;
I find all my business owners pleased.

And now……………

Looking at the comments in the thread for a while;
I believe *I deserve to win* the product of failWhale

P.S 1: Excuse me… if the wording in last lines hurts my co-competitors. I just added that to make it rhyming.

P.S 2: This is my first poem….Oops!!! Do you accept if I say that it is a poem?? ;)
I would like to join :)
I want to win because I understand that it's important to see that the downtime of the systems is necessary, and it's good to see it with a smile :)
because I support this club like the birds support the whale
Hi, I think I deserve to win because
winners don't do different things, they do things in a different way.
so i m doing testing and still learning testing.
Because I'm tired. Our big deployment went live this morning after lots of testing and long hours.

And I've just noticed that one of my spam emails is telling me I've won a prize. I suspect the prize is lots more spam :-(
Go on - cheer me up!

You'll pass my test!
Ok, some of these are good, but am looking for more. I know there are alot of creative testers out there....



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