I saw this (it's doing the rounds on G+) and naturally wondered how something like this could be made for testers.

I came up with:

'A Tester Is Someone Who After Finding a bug after 5 minutes brags about how he is responsible for the success of the project'


Am sure you peeps can come up with better?


Best one gets an image created with it :)


[And the winning image, for easy reference]

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Rosie - Thanks! This softens the heartache of losing my SuperBowl bet this weekend (that other kind of football). :)

This is gold!  Well done Rosie and Jeff.  I'm going to print this all over the workplace...


Go the Giants!

I sent this to my wife. Her response: "If only they knew how true this poster is." :)

“test to break” attitude that what it is :D

Love this :-)



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