I just browsed through the above link and found these two points quite odd:

  • Know that automated testing is better than manual testing
  • Know that manual testing cannot replace automated testing

I did not find a way to comment on the Jobs page. I want to contact the owner of the job post. I found those two points conflicting with the other points in the job post.

Is it just me or its a valid mistake by the person who posted the job post.


If this is a wrong place to be posting this, feel free to remove this!



Ajay Balamurugadas

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I think you can ask Thomas Ponnet about that :)
Waiting for Thomas to comment. I would have applied but for those two points ;)

Hi Rosie,

thanks for making me aware of Ajay's comment.


Hi Ajay,

yes, these comments are indeed conflicting and are intended to do so. I like Michael's distinction between testing and checking but decided to ignore it until someone comes along to pull me up on it. Also, what does better mean here?

The intention with the conflict between the cons and pros for automated vs manual testing was to spark discussion - looks like I succeeded :-) So let me rephrase these sentences a bit.


I'd like to employ people who know that under certain conditions automated checking (whatever the definition of that is), let's call it tool assisted testing, can be useful for the tester and should be investigated.

I'd also like to get someone who knows that "automate everything" is as wrong as not using helper tools at all in context of the work that needs to be done.


So if someone wants to apply for this job and can tell me under which conditions they used automated tools in the past and where it helped or hindered them I'm all ears - I like a good discussion about this topic as I can then better judge their experience and if that would be a good fit for our team.


Let me know if that makes sense and what you think about using a conflict in a job description. I'm experimenting with these a bit as I don't like the more generic ones.


Feel free to apply!





Nice. It is like a trap even before you apply. If you can clear that, great! You have already shown some of the right skills. :)

Hope you get a good tester. 

What? You mean I replied in length and now you're not applying? I feel cheated ;-)


But yes, if someone mentions this in an interview and we can have a good discussion about it it's a strong point in their favour. Looks like most applicants go to the STC though, I'll let you know if I meet someone from here.

Oopss !! I feel the same like u..Yes of course both are odd and not acceptable points in the domain of software testing.


Did you read the reply from Thomas ( the auuthor of the job post ) - do you still think what he wrote is 'odd and not acceptable' ?



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