Hi All,

Im a beginner in Big data testing. I have analysed some materials available in internet and got a basic understanding on Big data.

Inorder to approach it practically as a Big data tester,

Can anyone help me to know,

1.What are the areas in Big data testing such as Data staging validation, Map reduce validation,Output validation etc which can be tested by (a) Manually (b) Using Tool ?

2.How can we perform those validation/testing  by manually and also using tool?

3.Is their any full fledged Open source tools available to handle all the required testing activities for Big data Testing? If No, any paid tool in market for handling this?



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Apache JMeter is something your can consider for your testing automation. There is a Hadoop Set available via JMeter Plugins project which covers CRUD operations, HDFS IO and so on. 

The relevant plugin pack can be installed using JMeter Plugins Manager




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