A bit of Friday fun…

Imagine you were at an interview for a testing job you wanted. The interviewer asks: If you could choose to be an animal, what animal would you be and why?

For example: I would be a bat, as I would have refined my senses to be better at catching bugs

If that doesn’t work for you, then try this: what animal wouldn’t you choose to be and why? [As to be related to testing though]

Serious and non-serious answers are welcome ;o)

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I would say: a platypus.

No, I am not egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed, beaver-tailed nor otter-footed, but as a tester I am a bit of everything rolled into one. I explore and critique the product, but I wear a developer's hat sometimes, and that of the product owner too. I even put myself in the position of users too. I am one curious animal!

Trivia: according to wikipedia, the platypus is sometimes jokingly referred to as proof that God has a sense of humour and is also often used humorously (along with the camel) to describe something designed by committee.
A pig - always in the middle of the s**t
( and loving it )

( yeh, I know, pigs are clean animals really and just have a bad rap )
I can relate to that... Too bad you didn't add a picture... oh wait - your safesearch was on :-)

Having seen them playing in the Sydney Aquarium, they do seem like curious critters by nature! (But very shy and difficult to spot in the wild.)

They were great. Like otters with beaks. :)
I'd be a cat. As a developer with a serious interest in testing, I'm good at dealing with my own crap.
I'd be a Lolcat, so that I could answer stupid Interview Questions with stupid replies:

I'd be a chimpanzee and get paid to do monkey testing.

- Linda
If I can be a bird, i'd be a Crow. - An inquisitive one.

If its not possible and I have to choose an animal, I'd go for squirrel.

Hey Andy,

I'd so want to be a Peregrine Falcon because when I spot a tasty morsel of a defect I will dive on it at 200 mph, talons extended!

Fastest creature on the the planet? You know it! :P

http://www.flickr.com/photos/peregrinefalcon/2704654857/ (amazing photo with all rights reserved)

- Rob
Great posts everyone!

I could add a picture of a bat. But bats are really, really ugly animals.
No "One-man Wolf Pack" answers yet? :-D



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