The final chapter of the book "How We Test Software at Microsoft" is 'Building the future' asks if finding bugs today is too easy.

Would you agree with that ? I know one member here probably would as he was on Twitter saying he had found 5 bugs in 15 minutes. Do you find yourself finding the same sort of bugs even in different programs and different organisations and wondering when the programmers will ever learn to stop making the same mistakes ?

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The final chapter of the book "How We Test Software at Microsoft" is 'Building the future' asks if finding bugs today is too easy.

A challenge for the community: what are some things that might make finding bugs easy? (Try to be reasonably serious, and don't stop until you get to at least 10.)

---Michael B.
Hi Michael,
I am not sure if I understand your question. However here is my take on your question.

Things that might make finding bugs easy:

1: Check for inconsistency within the product
2: Check for the Inconsistency on the purpose of the product
3: Check for inconsistency with the product versions
4: Check for inconsistency with the image a company is trying to portray
5: Check for inconsistency with a comparable product
6: Check for inconsistency with claims that are made about the product
7: Check for Inconsistency with user expectations on the product
8: Check for the Inconsistency in regards to legal requirements.
9:Talk to developers on how they have coded a piece of function(s). This may sometimes reveal scenarios
that they may have been missed out and hence chances of finding bugs becomes higher for those
10: Give rest to your brain and eyes. Tired eyes may miss, an easy to see bugs.
Those are all good things to do, but they wouldn't necessarily make finding bugs easy.

(Note that the first eight items are the consistency HICCUPPS list from the Rapid Software Testing course, in a different order.)

Here's one thing that would make finding bugs easy: put lots of obvious bugs in the product. Nine more?

---Michael B.
Design and code from a different set of specifications/requirements.
Have poor quality developers write the code
You are right. Had those in AST BBST foundation course.
Also remember reading about HICCUPP in article called "Testing without a map" written by you. As well as another article by Mike Kelly (don't remember the name of the article).
Finding bugs depends on the experience of the Developer ad Tester and also on the knowledge of the tester about the whole project. If he/she knew that a change made by the developer would impact other modules also at different parts of the project then a tester can easily find bugs. Also if for a long time tester didn't get any bug then he/she should left the page/module for that time and should sit down for making more scenarios and then work accordingly in that way he could find bugs easily.

Arvind Dhiman
I think I would prefer to say that testing is hard, and therefore finding defects is hard... otherwise, maybe I should ask my manager to give me a pay cut, as obviously I'm over paid doing an easy job that my anyone could do ;o)
Hmmm... What's a bug? No, seriously! I could really get a lot of applications to misbehavior by changing screen resolution to 800*600, customize regional setting and change local time while application is running

, trying to paste 2 GB of Chinese text from clipboard to text area, taking stress test tools that will emulate bad memory and out of disk space OS events, ... do other tricks and find a lot of defects. Defects which would never get fixed even if I report them. So here is my idea how to make finding bugs easy - use application in a way it is not designed or indented to.
sure, any decent tester has a bag full of tricks they can pull out

1) Should this bag of tricks still work - why cant apps cope with 2gb of text and low memory ?
( usual answer - takes too much effort to design and code for all this so not worth the effort )

2) In my original post I asked if you come across the same sort of problems and is it usually easy to find defects - so without resorting to your bag of tricks and without using the app in strange ways do you find it easy to find bugs ?
I still don't get the bottom-line of you question. Indeed, it is too easy for Fire-Fox spell checker to find my typos in the comments I make here. Does it mean I don't learn (I've figured out I keep typing componenet so I defined auto rule in MS word to fix it) ? Actually as I rely on it I'm not too careful while typing.

Yes, sometimes developers gives me code where finding bugs is too easy. Other times they ask me to wait until they test for obvious bugs themselves. So what's the difference? Even if it is easy to find some of them, it is not easy to keep finding more of them (I don't dare to say all of them, do you?)



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