Is Selenium simplified (e-book) by Richardson is understandable for Selenium beginners ??

any one got the selenium simplified book by Alan Richardson,Its released and available in beta release form. If anyone go through it...please share ...

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Yes. I'm buying copies for my test team, and we're going to have a "Selenium book club" going through the chapters & examples one at a time.  Our company uses PHP, so we're aiming to translate the examples from Java to PHP.  When we get started I'll find a place (maybe here on STC) to blog about our results. Can't wait to get started!

Hi Mitch,


If you don't post here then please do link to your findings from here.


I've got a fair bit of Java/Selenium experience, but I too will be switching and using Selenium in conjunction with PHP very soon, so I'd be interested in how you get on.



Good idea. When we start posting our findings, I'll post a link in this thread for you.

I have this book as well, and I have found it invaluable. I have limited knowledge of Java (I did know a little bit before starting the book, but only a little) but I found it easy to follow. All the Java bits are explained in detail, so I think (as had been said before) it would be fine even if you hadn't done any Java beforehand.


I am in the process of implementing some automated functional testing using Selenium, and this is the reference I find myself coming back to whenever I need to check something.

HI Guys, Can i have the link so i can download it and learn the tool?



Gagan Talwar

Hi Gagan,


You can buy it in eBook format here:

Alan - congratulations on the success of your book, I just noticed it's the No1 selling Java book on!

Thanks Nathan. I was surprised by that positioning too. The position fluctuates on a daily basis but good when it happens.


Thanks for all the positive comments on this thread everybody. I'm very happy that the book has helped.

Finally cheers and Thanks to Alan for his priceless effort spent to bring the book in front of us.Your Book really Rockks.

Yess...Its really useful to non Programmers.Thank you once again and Congratulations...

I read Alan's book as well as as his online course. Alan is very easy in explaining things. Btw, I liked his Java for testers book more. 



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