To perform the performance testing for android mobile app using Jmeter (Recording the test script) we need to change the network proxy to manual and enter the system IP address.so that the Jmeter can record the App running on mobile. But when I make the these required changes, The mobile network goes off. I an unable to access the network on my mobile.Please suggest how to resolve this issue.

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You need to have JMeter's HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder up and running prior to switching your mobile device to use the host, where JMeter lives as a proxy. You might also need to install JMeter's self-signed certificate onto the device in order to be able to record HTTPS traffic. 

Be aware that there is an alternative way of recording mobile application network activity and convert it into a JMeter test: BlazeMeter Proxy Recorder (Mobile and web), in that case you won't have to worry about configuring JMeter proxy and installing certificate. Moreover, this Proxy Recorder is capable of exporting recorded requests in "SmartJMX" mode with automatic correlations of dynamic data applied so you will be able to save some time and get the benefits of automatically generated post-processors like Regular Expression Extractor



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