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I need to test the messaging displayed to a user that is coming from a different location (and is detected by their IP address) and visiting a website? 

I will need to test the display of the messaging cross-browser and across multiple devices. 

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? 

I have thought about hidemyass VPN and PureVPN however I don't think this will allow me to access our staging environment which is determined by our office IP.

I have previously tested this by modifying the cookie (country code) which I can do easily with an editthiscookie extension on desktop but not on mobile. I don't think this idea is suitable going forward?

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Personally I would use Apache JMeter to implement test scenario as it is capable of:

  1. IP Spoofing - you can set IP address for HTTP Request
  2. It provides HTTP Cookie Manager so you will be able to send custom or modify existing cookies
  3. It can be run in distributed mode so you will be able to deploy it on different geo-distributed machines (for instance you can have free micro instances within the bounds of Amazon AWS Free Tier)

Hope this helps. 

I used 'Wonder-Proxy' previously to test a web-site's multi language functionality - worked really well - and this was a staging environment - have a look - hope it helps...

Hi John, 

Just wanted to say thanks again. I have had a look at WonderProxy and signed up (firstly for a trial) and it looks great! Thanks for recommending 

Great! I found it very useful - if I remember correctly it wasn't too expensive either. hope it works out for you...

Thanks for your responses I will take a look at the suggestions. Hadn't heard of wonder proxy and glad to hear you used it for your staging environment. 

Yeah Pure VPN and HMA both are amongst the best windows vpn services. I have used both of these and had great experience. Even I am going to subscribe again for hidemyass VPN service. It is in my budget and offers great functionality.



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