Rosie and I have received a very generous offer from the Insitutute of PHB

Their members have spent many years learning how to pound desks whilst pointing their finger and shouting "Why didn't testing find this bug ?" and are worried this training will go to waste with testers learning how to find the high priority bugs quickly.

The members are also worried that their Best Practices of Throwing Code Over The Wall and Dragging Anyone Off The Street After All Anyone Can Test are also being ridiculed on this site

They are also extremely concerned with the latest development of testers meeting up to plan a revolution

So with heavy hearts - and even heavier wallets - we have decided to accept the offer

Please stop trying to better yourselves and go back to bashing your keyboards and accepting all the blame.

Off to book my trip to Hawaii...

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The last person I came across with a fondness for dodgy business ethics and holidays in Hawaii picked up a 3 year stretch at HM's pleasure. Best of luck Phil. ;-)
And I'm paying off my mortgage as I speak (or type!).
It must be something in the air; evidently this is a time for epiphanies.

I’ll be contributing to at any time now, if they can fit an article somewhere between their customary 19 ads per page. My first article will compare testing to Sumo wrestling, goat farming, and shaving my legs.

Maybe you can read it while you're on the beach....
OK I am in the dark here..whats the institute of PHB..have I missed something?

Are you sure Hawaii is the best choice? What are the reasons for choosing this? Oops, sorry, I forgot that asking questions is non de rigeur.. ooops again, I double checked how to spell that...Failing miserably at stopping to better myself. Let me try and take some blame. "YES IT WAS ME"
PHB = Pointy Haired Bosses :)
Love it!

Actually.... the post hits a little too close to home for me [with PHBs & finger-pointing & trying to improve myself], but still, I do love your humour.
Glad you liked - the best jokes always have an element of truth to them

( not that I think this was one of my best jokes !! )
Good one guys!



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