Due to industry standards, a lot of the testing we do at my place of work requires evidence that the tests were actually executed. For this, we are trialling the idea of video recording the testing.


I’ve been using BB TestAssisstant (http://www.bbsoftware.co.uk/BBTestAssistant.aspx) but I was wondering if other testers have experience using this app or any other video recording app.

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Jing is fantastic.
I am using CamStudio. It has very good features and easy to use. http://camstudio.org/ :)
I've used Jing a few times, but use SnagIt for almost all of my bug reporting and for all of my test cases that require screen shots or video captures.
Like Jing. Thanks Rich Irving.
So nice tool is free!
Yesterday, I saw that Camstudio takes a lot of time to generate .SWF format of 1 minute video and also the file size is not that reduced. Any tips or tricks related to Camstudio who have been using .SWF format? Now, this generation of .SWF format takes a lot of time when it is 1 hour video or more.
Not a stand alone, and not free however I think you'd like to know that our test management service includes a built-in video recording feature.
You can try it free. www.testuff.com.

For PC:
I would suggest BBTestAssistant also because it has some valuable features and plenty of editing and export options. But it is payware. But I have found a way to work around with it ;).

But I always keep camStudio cause it's open-source and have .avi and .swf format support.

I would also suggest to try out "http://www.screentoaster.com/".

For Mobile:
As I am using Symbian OS device (Nokia E75), I would suggest Mobiola Screen Capture tool. But it is payware. And can only use for three days.

But I use ImageExpo. It is also payware but let me screen capture for two minutes with trial version and thats all I need.

Ashik (scornik)
Though video recording may have some advantages in some cases, but is it truly the answer for the defined need "Due to industry standards, a lot of the testing we do at my place of work requires evidence that the tests were actually executed" ?

Videos are heavy resource consumers, and their "serial" nature makes in harder to spot the real important data within the lengthy recordings.

Both from reporting execution contents, as well as from bug investigation point of view, unless the bug resulting phenomena can only be shown by a video, I would prefer a shorter / concise reporting method, which will allow sorting, filtering and searching.

No idea if such tools are available, but just as QTP/MS-Word/Excel records Macros in textual media, I would prefer to get the set of actions performed, when these were performed, and other periodic system information statistics, in a textual log.
It gives no less proof of execution, it requires much less resources, and it is much more accurate (and maybe even may allow automatic repetition of exact scenario).

I do wonder what you guys may think of this solution?
Any of you knows of such tools?

We are using BB Test Assistant, but use the video recordings mostly for bug investigations and not so much for actual bug reports. Having each and every keystroke logged is very helpful and saves time when trying to reproduce bugs. Since our product is very "visual", the tool also helps us create and edit short videos when necessary, not only for code bugs but also for graphical glitches.

Hi Kobi,

to come back to my fav BBTestAssistant (just upgraded to the new Expert version), let me give a showcase how I use it:

Lets say I have to install on a fresh maschine. I start the recording and then start setup.exe.

Whenever I see something in my work, i insert a comment and proceed. Also when I see something I want to follow up later, but dont want to distract myself now, i add a comment.

I can also check program folder installation, registry, whatever.

At the end of the testrun, I save the recording.


Then I go and do the bug reporting. Open recording and open comment section.

That way can defocus and reflect, what I found and not report the bug in the heat of the moment.


I can read my comments and since they are linked to the timeframe in the recording, I can see directly or even replay what has happened then.


If it is a bug, which can be shown easyly via screenshot, I do just that: Make a screenshot out of the recording.

If a small video sequence is needed, i just do that: Mark the time length I need and export only this few seconds.

(I have the choice of several output formats; personally I just go for self-running exe file. No worries, if other people have proper codecs or players.)


To make it short: Video recordings allow you to search (either comments or even keystrokes), it lets you report the important stuff (copy&paste also) plus you can scribble down findings for later follow ups.


And some have already bugtracking systems integrated (JIRA, TRAC for BBTestAssistant Expert, for example) and the possibility to link and embed log files, either custom logs or Windows eventlogs.


Man, I sound like a fanboy, but i really love that tool.

Mind you, I also use Excel or other tools, depending on what I need to visualize or put down.



Hi Andy. I've been testing screen recording software for long time, mainly on the well-known and the unheard-of. I was very surprised about the output quality and file size BB Flashback generates. Presently I'm working on DemoCreator (http://www.sameshow.com/demo-creator.html), it's a slide-based (something like Office in interface) screen recorder with editing features.
Does anyone have a similar tool for MacOS? I have a Windows laptop, but would love to show something during a course on my Mac as well.



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