Hello Friends, i need a very real advice. I have a diploma in computer science and i wish to pursue my career as a software tester. I was thinking if i have my ISEB foundation and intermediate and at least WIn Runner/Quality Center, is it a good approach to start looking for job with this? Can i get a job with this? without experience?

I need your advice. Thank You

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The answer to these kinds of questions is always the same - you can get a job with your background if you can convince someone to hire you.

I don't know where in the world you want to work, but as far as certifications - it matters. Here in the US there does not appear to be any real advantage to certifications. (Check out this experiment I performed a while back: http://www.sqablogs.com/jstrazzere/985/Software+QA+Certifications+-...)

Here, experience is pretty much the only thing that matters. If you have no experience, there are still entry-level jobs, but of course they are fewer.

Things may be different in your preferred part of the world.
Ok, I was curious, so I just retried Joe's experiment on monster.co.uk:

Software QA : 141 results
Software QA ISEB : 14 results
of which:
ISEB required: 6
ISEB desirable/optional: 7
ISEB certification not essential: 1
Thanks Anna , I checked, you are right...My trainer always told me to make sure I write my exams and learn how to use tools and do Automations before looking for a job and I am like why? He said because, if I say I have the experience but no certification? here in the Uk it sounds horrible.He said His friend failed ISEB Foundation 3 times and he is a guru .. How is that possible?I have talked to agencies they are still intrested in a phrase" AT LEAST ISEB Foundation"...
Well, last time I looked for a job I had experience but no ISEB certification. I did not get a "sounds horrible" response from recruiters, so it's certainly not universal.

As for gurus failing the ISEB Foundation, yes, it's entirely possible - my employers ask everybody to attend the ISEB course (They don't have to pass. And you might guess entirely correctly from this that most did not have the ISEB when they were hired.) Some colleagues have not passed the ISEB, some passed first time, and some passed on resits. There appears to be absolutely no correlation between testing skill and ISEB failure - I too know some very sharp testers who failed their ISEB Foundation.

It doesn't test you on whether you can test, and it doesn't make you a tester. It confirms that you can memorise the material to pass a multiple choice exam. I don't think anyone disagrees on that. Now, whether that's still valuable, or whether it's absolutely the opposite - there's plenty of debate about that!
I don't agree to this, getting ISEB/ISTQB certification do no entitle you to gain a job in software testing. I hold the ceritificate, but I appose the idea of getting certified on some supposed to be basic testing material which have been desiged by few gurus in the industry. Getting certificated, truncates the testers in thinking. I am not a big fan of certifactions
Thanks for your comments Nagesh, the point i am trying to make is that how will you proof to an employer on you cv for the first time that you are able to look for bugs...?
I don't think you can on a CV. Saying you have certification certainly doesn't prove it. Certification programs don't teach you how to look for bugs. They teach you to memorise definitions of words.

I would use the cover letter to describe my critical thinking skills, my client relation skills, and my ability to read and assimilate information quickly and effectively. These have much more bearing on your ability to find bugs than a piece of paper.
ok i get what you mean..i think am getting a clearer picture ..Thanks Aron
Take up a voluntry role, convince the employer that I can show my testing skills with no pay or little pay. When I started my career in New Zealand,thats how I started, the employer gave me a website to test, I have done Session Based testing/Exploratory testing and showed the defects.The employer got convinced and gave me a part time job....
Thanks so much Joe, i understand what you mean . An entry level might be a good idea because, i was thinking a diploma in computer science would be too small to start something. thanks so much
I'd say it depends on where you're looking for work. In the UK many job descriptions have "must be ISEB certified" in the job description, I just had a look again to confirm. You could be lucky without a certificate but it would be harder.
I did the memory test ISEB Foundation course and got the certificate but don't want to do more than that. Some job descriptions for test managers or senior QA Engineers have intermediate or advanced ISEB qualifications in, but these are not that common which is good for the experienced but not certified crowd here.
As in any other job, building a network of people who you trust and who in turn trust you in your professional capabilities is more important than anything else.
Thank you Thomas Ponnet ,I really appreciate it. I think i will have to get my certification first then and do a sort of internship job or voluntary job so that i could easily blend with the industry .Am actually in the Uk



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