I wanted to set a challenge (which may turn into a series of challenges) in the spirit of trying to bring us all together a bit more as a community.

I want to do this because I think it will benefit us all in various ways - as individuals and as a professional community.

I'd like you to think you are a bunch of ninjas, going out there in stealth mode, doing great things for those around you.

So the first challenge:

Go and leave a comment on 5 technology or software testing related blogs.

If you are not sure where to find blogs, then this is a good place to start - http://www.ministryoftesting.com/testing-feeds/

The only rule of the comments is that they should add value of some sort.  Saying 'nice post', doesn't really count.

You have until the end of August.

Are you up for it?

Then do two things:

Let us know by responding to this thread.

Once you have completed the challenge then let us know by adding a comment with your experiences to this thread.

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Cool, I'll just start here! I've always been so impressed with your community-building skills, Rosie. My blog-reading is generally spontaneous and sporadic - if someone tweets a link that looks interesting I go take a look. This activity will encourage me to make more time for reading blogs and "giving back" with my own two cents worth.

  1. I read blog posts when i am exhausted on work - The handy list of blogs i refer:  Michael Larsen and Michael Bolton blogs.
  2. I read testing magazines like: Testing Circus, Better Software, Tea time with Testers and old magazines 
  3. I listen/ watch to Conference talks.
  4. Books on testing and reference articles/links.

I try to implement on my daily work and improve my skills - daily.

That's good but - did you read the full text of Rosie's post?

She wanted people to comment on 5 blogs - did you do this? If you did, how did you find the experience?

Comment on 1 article on 5 blogs ? 


Go to 5 different blogs

Leave a comment on each one of them

Come back here and describe how the experience of doing this was for you - was it easy? hard? Did you learn anything?

This is a great initiative, Rosie! There are many who stand to benefit from it, including me.

The same day this thread was started, an ex-colleague and me were talking about the lack of feedback we get on our blogs.

The community of testers is absolutely great and there are many who are putting things out there in the form of websites and blogs. The people doing so are active and passionate. They are willing to learn from other people.

It's a pity that most of the posts I read or write are comment-less.

The things I write are experiences, stories I wish to share and in the proces learn from. Getting feedback on them from other testers, will surely be an extra course of learning. I hope this challenge picks this up.

I'll try to make commenting on blogposts a habit for myself, but doing this by the end of the month will prove hard.

Thanks again, I'm looking forward to what comes of it!

To be honest I found it bloody difficult! You instinctively contribute to subjects that are relevant to you, but if you experience is quite constrained - so is your activity. I'll get involved in those blogs where I feel I can add value, if I can't I won't. It doesn't mean I'm not interested as I'm seeing a fresh perspective in some areas. Some companies that people work for will constrain what they can do not only in the social media arena but the project budgets will have very old fashioned approaches to test reducing how much you can explore new ways of working. 

I will in future try to contribute more, but there are are number of people crying out for more freedom of expression in there current positions. We certainly have job to educate up the chain of command to allow more freedom to change and adapt.

Rosie, at times we tend to forget why we started. And this thread reminded me to think on it and I took the challenge. I felt like I was re-born when I commented and my emotions were awesome in terms of feeling happy and complete for those moments when I was commenting for any topics in testing.

I cannot explain the feeling, but I can tag it as "Felt great". And yes, I am actually deciding to spend my time on daily basis in doing this activity. This rocks!

I am happy by taking up this activity. Thanks again!

Since I only spotted this 3 weeks ago, (2 months too late) I tried anyway. I got 4 out of 5, and no responses thus far. So my experience, is that commenting on a post is constructive for me in making my thinking clearer, but as a way of getting help or getting a large improvement in knowledge, it's not yet delivering.... yet.

But that does not stop me from promoting any good blogs I do find, I tend to tweet and blog about these, (and lots of random unrelated) stuff "see my profile" if you are curious. I post or tweet whenever I do find good posts that I learn from.

Hey thanks for checking in.

I think I'm just as guilty for not always responding to comments, it can be hard when life gets in the way.

I did notice your blog and have added to our Testing Feeds...yay :)  And I think I'll be having a play around with the Thrilling Tales :)

I didn't take this as challenge, but promised myself never to hesitate when have a comment in mind while reading blog.

It was hard anyway - I didn't count but I don't think I made more than 5 comments in September. But I did 2 today and feel good about it. But then I started to analyze - why is it so little blogs that makes me willing to comment on them? This is a challenge for myself: what are the factors that triggers ideas which I want to share with a blog author.



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