Questions From 'How I Interview Testers Masterclass with Dan Ashby '

So we are going to use this thread to ask Dan the questions that we didn't have time to answer during the webinar.

Dan's mindmap -


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    Andrew Kelly


    Have you experimented with Interview mini charters and exploratory interviewing?

    The two way nature of an interview changes it slightly from questioning a product for useful information but the principles should still apply and the charter could be adapted as required rather than become a semantic explore, with, to discover information constraint.

    Charters would also likely allow for a level of consistency and comparison if you are using multiple interviewers as opposed to relying in scripted interview questions to achieve that consistency which I have seen happen.

    Here you are in effect sharing a high level view of how the interview will proceed, I see value in this as a win/win for matching suitable employer and suitable employee but I am wondering if I went down the charter route would there be value in sharing potential charters themselves in advance.

    One final question, you have not specifically mentioned testing techniques in the testing knowledge area, what was your thinking in not specifically highlighting testing techniques? 

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      Do you guys have this webinar available for viewing?

      I was only able to catch the first part back in April.


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        kiran j sonawane

        draw image is easy to understand. all the cocept is easy to learn.