Community Guidelines

Your Guide to the Software Testing Club

The following is a guide of the Software Testing Club's community guidelines. By joining this community you are expected to respect them.

The aim of the site is to be a useful and professional resource for the whole software testing community where people can get support from the wider software testing community.  To help us achieve this all areas of the site are governed by the following 10 simple rules:

  • Requests for access to the site are subject to moderation. Yes, initially it’s a pain but without it we will be bombarded with spam! We've tried removing it in the past, but it just causes to much pain for everyone.
  • We love questions and discussions to be posted to the forum, but please put thought into them. For example, we don't accept questions that ask how to answer questions for an interview. Nor do we accept post that can be easily Googled - e.g. What is functional testing? Nor do we accept posts where no suitable answer can be given due to lack of information.  Remember: all content should be related to testing; we are a testing community after all
  • Self promotion - we don't mind links to your blog/website being posted in the footer of emails or forum posts, however we do not allow duplicate blog posts nor posts that just point towards your website.  There must be a good reason to post a link.  Please think before posting and imagine 'what if everyone did it'.
  • We like respect. Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Please make sure you are the author or have permission to post blogs, articles, whitepapers, etc.  Acknowledge your sources if you quote other people’s work.
  • The Software Testing Club and its Community Managers moderate content on the site regularly and reserve the right to remove content without prior notice.
  • This is a community for people (mostly software testers) who speak English. We expect all members to communicate in grammatically correct English.  ‘Text speak’ will not be tolerated. Do u c wot im seyin?
  • No business marketing. If you would like to promote your business or skills please contact This might mean paying for the privilege.
  • Get in contact. Please email if you would like to discuss anything related to this software testing community.
  • Spread the word.

Failure to adhere to the above rules will initially result in a warning e-mail from one of the Community Managers or a Director.  In any discussion Rosie’s decision is final.  Repeated transgressions may result in a visit from the Terminator – you have been warned!


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