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How Cloud-Based Mobile Device Lab Accelerates Time to Market and ROI?

It becomes very chaotic to maintain the variety of mobile phones and tablets with the latest Android or iOS updates available across all makes and models for 24/7. There are various security concerns that arise for mobile app cloud…


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Some Test Design Best Practices to Consider

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”

The emphasis on quality has never been more than it is today. In a world where the consumer is spoilt for choice, quality is what separates a successful product or service from an unsuccessful one. The emphasis on quality in the software development space has been increasing as well. However, software developers are not only tasked with the role of developing high-quality products,…


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Why Website Performance Test Is Required?

You hear a lot about testing web applications; however,…


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3 Changes Manual Testers Must Embrace To Continue Contributing To Product Quality

With test automation becoming essential to the testing and QA environment, will the manual tester become obsolete? Opinions that spell doom for those focused on manual testing and predicting that it is the end of the road for them, are all around. It is true that today, software test automation has become imperative to product development success. Automation is now the only way to match the speed of development. However, this does not mean…


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These Open Source Tools Can Helps a Lot in Mobile Application Security Testing!

Nowadays, as most of the mobile apps target multiple devices and platforms, the testers often find it daunting to perform security testing. So, for this reason, the testers need specialized tools with an open source touch to check whether a mobile app is 100 percent secure or not. Mobile app testing can be quite cumbersome. To ease this process, businesses make separate teams for testing and analyzing open source tools.…


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6 Ways to Secure Your Wireless Router from Cyber Attacks

Wireless routers are one of the most important devices in the house as it connects all other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet. However, for most users, a wireless router is almost forgotten once it’s set and is functioning. It can be highly vulnerable to cyber attacks if there are insecure default configurations, flawed firmware, undocumented backdoor accounts or exposed legacy services.

Unfortunately, all security issues can’t be fixed by users themselves. But there…


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Web Application Security Testing That Every Tester & Developer Must Know! Back To Basics!!

Web applications offer access to business and customers, their ubiquity makes them a preferred victim for cyber criminals. As a result, web application security testing, or testing and scanning web applications for risk, becomes essential.

As more and more applications are ‘web enabled,’ …


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The Key Role of Automation Experts in Scriptless Automation

Test automation is the new normal in software testing. A Sauce Labs / Dimensional Research study earlier this year found that 87% of the development teams were already adopting some level of test automation.  Given today’s escalated speed of development, automating testing is the only way to ensure that the final product being developed is of high quality and delivers on the performance matrix. However, Test automation comes with its own set of challenges and can be difficult to…


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Why is it Beneficial to Adopt Manual Software Testing Services?

Software developers innately know that they need to test their solutions. Software developers innately know that they need to test their solutions. There are numerous choices and possibilities that can be considered. Navigating through the variety of choices to see which one best fits your situation can be really challenging. 

Why is Manual Testing appropriate?

Manual Software Testing Service seems like a simple set of actions, but worthy manual testing is an interactive…


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Best Selenium automation testing tools review: Robot Framework vs Katalon Studio

Recently I had a chance to work with several software testing teams to help them get started with their test automation endeavors. The teams consist of mostly manual testers, and some who had experience with test automation before, but none of them were familiar with programming like developers. The applications are mostly web based, with companion mobile apps. We made a short list of several testing tools, including free and non-free ones, and then came up with the two best ones -…


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Microservices Test Automation - What you need to know

There is now constant pressure on technologies to adopt and align themselves to the changing needs of the business environment. Modern day engineering demands greater scalability, cross-platform capabilities, and faster deliveries. Hence the need for a software architecture that is flexible and that helps in creating systems that are more scalable, more resilient, flexible and can facilitate faster development.Unlike monolithic services architectures, Microservices architecture helps…


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أخبار الأعمال

ستعود النسخة الرابعة من مؤتمر عالم الرفاهية العربي، وهو مؤتمر الأعمال الفاخرة الرائد في منطقة الشرق الأوسط، إلى المنطقة من جديد، وسيعقد على مدى يومين في 22 و23 مايو الجاري، وذلك في فندق ويستن دبي، تحت شعار “الاضطراب الرقمي والالتزام العاطفي”.

ويعتبر هذا الحدث، الذي تنظمه أخبار الأعمال ، المؤسسة الإعلامية الرائدة في الإمارات، منصة حيوية للمتخصصين في سوق السلع والخدمات…


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Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things is the combination of Hardware, Software, Embedded, and Networking technology that connects our physical world with the Internet, or we can say that it is the networking of physical world with network.This allows the user to control their physical environment using…


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Basic detail of JMeter and it's elements

What is JMeter ? (Version 3.2)

The Apache JMeterTM is pure Java open source software. Its designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. Performance Testing means testing a web application against heavy load, multiple and concurrent user traffic. JMeter originally is used for testing Web Application or FTP…


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Data Read and Write in selenium webdriver

unable  to read & write data from excel in selenium webdriver using poi,

Please provide me solution as soon as possible 

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Top Tools Available for Performance Benchmarking of Big Data Stack

Big data includes unstructured or semi structured data and it does not fit in the traditional relational table model. Tools used for performance benchmarking in that traditional database may be effective. There are specialized tools for benchmarking tasks for big data. This article describes basics and tools for Big data performance benchmarking.

Read article here …


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What it is like to be a tester in Agile.



Be the connector:

 Having worked in an agile team for about a year, I have realized that effective and efficient communication skill is the best asset one can possess as a Tester. Traditionally tester were hired with the basic…


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Docker Based Framework for Scalability Testing in Cloud

The cloud ecosystem is ruling the roost at the moment and it is only set to grow. Organizations are using a mix of cloud ecosystems and deployments are on the rise. And that’s changed a lot for cloud vendors; automated orchestration, networking at scale with overlays and storage provisioning to name a few. Due to this, cloud providers and their vendors are facing a burning issue of scalability as it requires modifying both hardware and software architecture/components. This podcast speaks in…


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How to Perform Hardware and Firmware Testing of Storage Box

In this blog will discuss about how to do the Hardware and firmware testing, techniques used, then the scope of testing for both. To speed up your testing you can use tools mentioned end of this blog, all those tools are available on internet.

Knowing about the Hardware/Firmware and how to test all these will help you for upgrade testing of a product which involve firmware upgrade with OS upgrade and product upgrade.

Read more here: …


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OOPS Concepts are easy with examples : Java Abstraction

Hi Guys,

Good morning !

Let me share some oops concepts which would be helpful for fresher.

2.Abstraction : Second most important question of interviewer

let me tell you the Abstraction concept using real time…


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