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How to Speed Up Your Testing Cycle With Containers

When it comes to testing, it is always about how to release faster without compromising quality. Normally our blogs deal with the second part of the equation, how to improve quality despite…


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Mutation Testing: The Blind Spot in Your Testing

“Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!” – Edsger W. Dijkstra

As more and more companies progress towards leaner and frequent rapid releases. They increasingly invest in test automation to preserve a healthy culture since it’s crucial for Continuous Delivery. Despite all the effort, I still hear horror stories about ongoing stability issues, elusive bugs carried to users, and unexpected behavior…


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Why is shifting left the right thing to do in QA?

In this world of cut-throat competition, organizations are constantly looking at reducing costs, increasing revenues and reaching customers faster. With IT being a transformative force for most organizations, IT has a key role to play in helping them meet these demands. The Cost of Quality (CoQ) in IT projects is high, and it is further deteriorated due to defects found late in the lifecycle.

However, on analyzing project metrics, we would figure out that about 70% of these…


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The importance of quality assurance management: why you should consider it

Despite the fact that the role of software testing may seem insignificant and few of us ever even think about the importance of software testing, this is especially true for people who are new to the software development lifecycle; the testing process, which is an equally integral part of development; and planning. Sooner or later, many organizations that have developed software come to the realization that they need to organize a quality assurance management…


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Mobile App Testing

A few years back there were computers everywhere but as technology improves computers are slowly being replaced by mobile phones, so now it is necessary to build software for mobile devices as well. These mobile apps need to be tested for better user experience, here mobile app testing comes into the picture.

Mobile apps can’t be tested with conventional web or desktop application testing methods, a different approach is needed while testing mobile apps. Mobile app testing is…


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Understanding Cloud APIs and Why They Matter

In the last few years, there continues to be an accelerated spike in the number of technology companies which have entered to the function marketplace. This increase has provided our business with a vast variety of technology options that's empowered show supervisors to consider “tailored” alternatives that fit their occasion operation needs. A decade ago, it was pretty tough to find a solution that could connect without a substantial investment – often beyond the budgets that most…


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Test Automation and Continuous Integration Using Jenkins

This podcast talks about automation techniques and when, where and how is automation used. With the brisk pace of product development, quality being imperative and go-to-market strategies become more cut throat, time saved is money earned in product development. Moving away from the waterfall model to the agile development model has made development activities real-time with tangible benefits. Continuous integration or the development practice of sharing code with a central repository has…


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Cloud based Applications Penetration Testing

Most of the applications these days are on Cloud. Cloud is ubiquitous with many service providers in the market. Since it has many benefits such as cost reduction, software updates, remote access, disaster recovery and much more. But most of the organizations are in a notion that security is a service providers job. Yea, I do agree but at the same time we are also responsible to ensure the security of the application which we put on cloud. Conducting …


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Sanity Testing vs Regression Testing

In software testing company, the specialists perform different software testing types. There are some checking types that resemble each other. It is important to distinguish their peculiarities.

It may be difficult to see the deference between system and unit testing, GUI testing and usability. Sanity and regression testing are also among such pairs.

The aim of Sanity and Regression is the same, but these two types of testing have…


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Docker Based Framework for Scalability Testing

The cloud ecosystem is ruling the roost at the moment and it is only set to grow. Organizations are using a mix of cloud ecosystems and deployments are on the rise. And that’s changed a lot for cloud vendors; automated orchestration, networking at scale with overlays and storage provisioning to name a few. Due to this, cloud providers and their vendors are facing a burning issue of scalability as it requires modifying both hardware and software architecture/components. This podcast speaks in…


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Software Testing Interview Questions

Are you preparing for a software testing job interview and want to know what to expect? First, improve your chances by getting updated on the world’s most desirable test automation skills. After crossing that from your list, here are the top 20 testing interview questions that are more than likely to appear on your next job interview:

  1.  What…


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Security Testing – Considerations, Best Practices & Tools

Security testing is a variant of different types of testing methods and approaches where testing is carried out just to ensure that the product, application or the system under test doesn’t have…


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Letter to an agile developer talking about testing

I noticed your talk on testing in agile teams in a conference later this year. The ideas you have proposed are mainstream among agile developers. I also think the overall approach is negligent. It's particularly disappointing since I greatly admire your contributions to rethinking certain aspects of agile.

The most disturbing aspect of the talk is the complete ignorance of testing as followed by the group of testers who are mostly part of the…


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Freelance Software Testing

Tired out of searching jobs? It seems getting a job after graduation has became the most difficult task now a days! Isn’t it??

We are living in a fast growing, developed century, and while looking around there are bunch of companies, plenty of technologies and could feel that it is IT everywhere; but still-Jobless!!

So.. What went wrong? Our skill set? Experience level? Lack of opportunities? Recession?


All these are just excuses to say.. Let's…


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7 Load Testing tips for Big Applications

In the fastest growing technical world applications have become the soul of almost any business. You don’t have much time to impress your users rather than you have just one second or less to impress your user. Therefore load testing becomes essential to ensure the quality and reliability of the application. Load testing tools are vital in ensuring application performance in real, live environments.

If you have an online food ordering site then you must be getting ready for the…


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End to End Testing

What is End to End Testing?

End-to-end testing is a technique used to validate whether the flow of application/software from the starting point to the end point is working perfectly or not. It is performed from start to finish under real world scenarios like the interaction of the application with the network, database, interfaces and other applications.

Nowadays, applications become complex because it contains a lot of components for functioning. All…


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Types of Regression Testing

While checking a particular software product, the specialists of software testing company perform different types of tests: automated test scripts, unit test cases, suites for system testing, load tests, security test cases, etc.

But besides that, the specialists can also conduct several kinds of one software testing type. For example, there are several types of regression testing.

What Are the Types of Regression…


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Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing

Sanity testing is conducted after a build with fixed bugs and modified code is received. Its aim is to make sure that the functionality operates properly. This software testing type does not provide a thorough and detailed checking. It just verifies the work of new features or the removal of detected bugs.

In its turn, smoke testing ensures that the critical functionality operates correctly. It is conducted before regression testing and detailed functional testing. For example, a new…


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Tools for Automated Web Testing

It is necessary to quickly check new versions of web products. Automated testing will help to cope with the task. Moreover, automation will help the team to easily change and made the code refactor.

The process of auto tests creation may rather difficult as the team should consider the modifications of UI, variety of servers and client platforms. Special automation tools will make the checking process easier.

There are many different automation tools. Here are some of…


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Is It Worth Outsourcing Testing?

Some companies see no sense in any outsourced service – they are sure that the best possible result can be reached only by doing and managing everything by themselves. They don’t trust the unknown specialists from small companies in rather unpopular countries.

Other companies have rather good experience of outsourcing some services and they see a lot of its benefits. Tastes differ. But let’s look at this situation from the other side.

The majority of us like to go to…


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